Memorial Day Tribute~Josh Boxer Style…


For Some a Memorial Day Tribute is a Party, For others it’s a family get together, for some, its a time of reflection and for others a time of mourning.  The Question is, what is Memorial Day to you?

For me it is a time to remember the price that has been paid so that you and I can live free in America.  It’s the price that has been paid so that our children are guaranteed an education and not just any education, but the best the world has to offer.

It’s a time to celebrate.  A time to reflect on where we live and what our purpose is.  What are we doing to preserve the freedoms that we do have.  What are we doing on a daily basis to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of soldiers that have sacraficed their lives, didnt do it in vain.

It’s our turn to hold the torch as it has been passed to our generation.  flag

Just because you are not in the armed forces, does not mean you cant support our troops, support free enterprise, and support our daily freedoms that are in danger of being yanked out from under us.

Today is Memorial Day. Let us not forget to pay homage to those who went before us.

~Josh Boxer

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