How To Inspire People In The Home Business Arena.

inspireMore than ever before we are living in a place in which people have been beat down and ruffed up a little.  I can remember growing up and it was rare that married women were in the work force.  Think back to your grandparents and how you picture them in the house, cooking, raising children and making sure her household and family was perfect.

Today, its much different.  Inflation, Rampid Credit Card spending and financing everything up the wazoo has caused it to be necessary that a husband and wife must both work to make ends meet.

This has caused the family unit to be weakened and a whole new culture to be born.  I like to call it the “work your ass off till your dead” culture.

For the most part, the middle class, i.e. people making between $30K and $80K will soon be wiped out.  Taxes and inflation are going to take care of that.  So what do you do about that?  Well, here is what you don’t do.  Don’t keep doing the things you have always done or you will have what you have always had! Make sense?

Anyways, lets get back on track here.

More than ever before, people are looking to be inspired and enchanted.  They are looking not for specific opportunities, but are looking for leaders.

I don’t use the word leader lightly either.  Leader meaning someone with an insane amount of integrity, credibility and accountability.  People are looking for someone they can follow who has laid a path for them to follow in.  They are looking to be taken to that next level.

What most people fail to realize is that you cannot possibly live another kind of life without making drastic changes.  One of these changes is the way that you think.

Being Re-Programmed For Success

Almost everyone has had 18,000 meals with the wrong people, taking the wrong advice for a very long time. Who you have listened to and taken advice from up until this point in your life have caused you to think how you think, live where you live and have what you have.

If you want to change any of these things, you must first change your thinking.  Reprogramming comes with a price. You have to become disciplined and really want the change in your life.  You have to become a better you by creating habits.


Association with people is very powerful. Start surrounding yourself with people that you want to be more like.  When I say surround, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in physical form.  Today, using all sorts of media, you can associate with some of the brightest minds on earth. The only difference between ultra successful people and the opposite is time, knowledge and action.

Yea, I know.  I this sounds easy yet hard to grasp.


After being in this industry for some time, I have learned a lot about myself and people.  I have realized just how precious people really are and that everyone is endowed with special talents and abilities.

It takes a leader to be able to see who a person can be when the only thing the person sees is who they currently are.  Everyone needs a cheerleader, someone who believes in them more then they believe in their self.  When you have that kind of support system, you can’t help but be inspired.

Over the course of time people get beat down, laid off, downsized and outsourced.  At some point there needs to come a moment in which one takes control of their life rather than letting others decide their fate and do something significant.

If that means jumping into the unknown or sometimes uncomfortable, then so be it.  No one ever said change would be easy, however it’s the only way you can grow into the person you were meant to be.

Want to be inspired and enchanted?  Follow inspiring and enchanting people.

Want to inspire people in the home business arena?  Start caring more about them then your bank account.  Offer them more value then you are asking in return.

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