Why I Made My First InfoProduct Online.

First let me start out with the fact that Pain and uncomfortableness is a powerful motivator.  It has always helped me to accomplish more with less and allow me to fully tap into my full creativity.

While most people think that I make a full time living online, it’s not the case.  I supplement my lifestyle with the money I make online and you know what?  It’s been pretty darn good to me over the past few years.  Anyway, back to the story.

Two or three times a year, my primary company has a few live events.  They are always in top notch destinations like Las Vegas, Arizona and most recently, The Bahamas.  Needless to say, it takes some planning.

I have two daughters, 8 and 11.  We have no family where we live here in Georgia so in order for my wife Pamela and I to get to a function, we have to pay someone for the 4 or 5 days we are gone plus airfare, hotel, food, partying, etc.  It’s not cheap.

Normally it’s not a problem, however this year I noticed the Dec. 2nd trip to the Bahamas for 5 days approaching quickly and I didn’t have all the money together I knew I was going to need to not have to worry about money while there (in another country).

I started planning for this trip way back in October.  So anyway, I started thinking about how to deliver something to the marketplace that would pay me in direct proportion to what was delivered and so….

….Craigslist Domination was born.

You see, I had been generating tons of free leads on Craigslist forever.  I had a system down pat.

So, I thought, why not just create a course that would teach people step by step how to do exactly what I was doing.  And that is exactly what I did.  I didn’t know exactly how it was going to shape up.  I had no clue as to what kind of media to deliver it on either.

Being that I have been comfortable making videos for the past few years I thought, why not just create a video series and for those who want to read the course, I created an Ebook.

Once I produced all of the contents of the course, I then had to figure out where to host the videos, how to build the funnel, write the follow up emails, etc.

Through the process of just taking action, I figured it all out along the way. That in itself is a huge lesson you can take away and put to use yourself.

Most people spend 95% of their time reading, trying to get everything perfect before they begin and if they only switched that around, they would get results a lot quicker.

Did I make a bunch of mistakes?

You betcha!  I had to go back and re-record videos, edit them, upload them.  A few times I accidently erased a module.  I just kept going though until it was done.

Now for the good part.

Remember, I put this all together because I needed a quick surge of cash.

I ended up joint venturing with a few of my friends that had hungry lists for this type of product, hosted a webinar with them and offered them the product.  Guess what?  Instant MULA!  In 37 minutes we made about $1500 or so and over the next few days a few hundred more.  Then I did it again with another friend and make another $1900. I now had exactly what I needed for my Bahamas trip.  In fact, this one product paid for the whole thing.

So, next time you are feeling backed in a corner, sorry for yourself, etc..  Realize that you have everything within you that you need to succeed.  You just have to get busy like your life depends on it, cause it DOES!

Josh Boxer



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