How To Drive Internet Traffic To Your Website Using Banner Advertising.

How Banner Advertising WorksHow To Start Marketing Using Banner Ads.


I see a lot of people who are getting started in the internet marketing world trying to build a business based on 100% FREE traffic.  I tried this for the first 6 months that I started my online business and while it worked, I realized that it took a lot of time and created a trickle of traffic compared to the traffic that I paid for.

Most people don’t even know how to start when it comes to banner advertising so I am going to lay out a gameplan (the same game plan I used to generate hundreds of leads a month for next to nothing.)

Getting Started with banner ads

First you need to have a compelling landing page.  If you are thinking about driving traffic to a replicated website, I have news for you, your in for a rude awakening.  Real internet marketers have their own sites or have access to sites withing their community that they know convert to leads.

Hint… That’s why I love PRO Elite .

You want to take the colors and main message from your landing page and create a compelling banner.

I like to use Odesk for my banner outsourcing needs.  You can write a description for what your looking for and put it out to bid.  I usually find the best creative artists in Asia.  You can also get much better pricing by leaving out the US in your search for a graphic artist.

The most common sizes in which you will want your banners are as follows:







Have your outsourcer produce all of those sizes for you and make sure they are animated.

Also make sure that your copy on your banner is compelling.  Don’t cheese out here.  Copywriting is an art, a science and something to be mastered.

How to find sites to place your banner on.

Ok, here is where your going to have to do some research.  You have to get in the mind of your prospect here. What are they going to Google to search for in terms of making money online or to find more information on having a home based business.

I like to use the Google Keyword External tool to research keywords that people are searching on the internet.  I put in a root keyword and it will spit out a large number of keywords.

I look for keywords that are getting at least 5000 searches a month and compile them.

Once I have my list of those keywords I then start the project of finding the sites that are ranking #1 or #2 in Google for those terms.

This may take a while, however it is part of the process here.

Look for sites that offer advertising.  You will either find a link at the top of the page or the bottom that says “Advertise with us”.

Once you find a site that does offer banner advertising on their site, I then take that URL to and research the site to see three things:

1. Is it getting traffic and if so, how much and for what keywords

2. What are the demographics for the site. (If you are in a high ticket program, you probably are not looking for a site that attracts 18-25 yr. olds)

3. Where is most of the traffic coming from. (No offense, but India and South Africa has a whole lot of people with not a whole lot of income). – Just sayin!

Making the list of sites you want to run banners on.

I then compile the list and find out what the sites charge vs. my budget and reach out to the site owners to find out more about their sites or I just pull the trigger and start advertising.

You must test the sites for at least a month.  I sometimes negotiate with the owners of the site to do a trial run to see if their traffic converts for you offer.

Test, Tweak and adjust

Remember, you have to test EVERYTHING.  I have been doing this for a few months.  I have one “supposed” high traffic site that I paid $600 for a month that has delivered less traffic then a site that I paid $85 a month for.  You have to see what works and work it.

The goal is to get 5 leads a day from 100 different sites.

Feel Free to leave a comment or reach out to me with questions. I am real and would love to help.

Josh Boxer

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3 Responses to How To Drive Internet Traffic To Your Website Using Banner Advertising.

  1. Joshua – what’s going on brother! Great, Great assessment of how to do Ad marketing THE RIGHT WAY.

    I definitely agree and like your strategy for identifying those sites that are getting the traffic.

    Have you ever looked into Market Samuri for your keyword research?

    That’s what I use and I have to tell you that I believe this is probably the best KW research tool out there. Check it out of you get a chance. Im going to be creating a video on how I use Market Sauri and why I think it’s a great tool, pretty soon.

    I just moved to my new place and the unthinkable has happened to me.. I HAVE NO INTERNET!!! Uverse apparently cannot set me up until Aug 30th so it looks like I will be working from Starbucks for the next 2 weeks or so.

    Great stuff man.

    PS: You better have received traffic analytics form the guy you paid $600 a month for to advertise! That’s what I do over at my blog and most of my clients renew their subscriptions quote often.

    Take care.

  2. Hello!, interesting article but main title of this blog (I mean How To Drive Internet Traffic To Your Website Using Banner Advertising. | Internet Marketing Consultant | Internet Wealth Creation ) is misleading people. webgeek

  3. admin says:

    How is this misleading people?

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