Turnkey Internet Businesses | The Undisputed Facts About Making Money Online.

turnkey Internet BusinessAfter spending the past 36 months learning how to create income online using a turnkey business model, I have learned a thing or two about marketing, people and products.

I have learned about 25 different marketing techniques of which I consistently use two or three. I have talked with hundreds of people about internet business and helped dozens create their first checks online and I have learned which products sell and which ones don’t.

For some reason I feel there is a big misconception about what a turnkey internet business really is.  People think that turnkey means that you get started, pay a few hundred bucks and viola, the money just pours in and all of the sudden your wealthy.

When I talk to people who are making $4-5K  a month and they tell me they want to make $50K a month and only have $500-$1000 to invest, something  just doesn’t add up.

To some extent, it is not really their fault to think that way.  There are some marketers out there on the internet that make outlandish income claims that #1 they just can’t back up and #2, they don’t explain or even mention the investment they made on the front end to pull in $50K-$100K a month.  I am here to tell you that your not going to throw a few hundred bucks at an online business and start generating even $10K a month.

This is real business.  If you opened a traditional business like McDonalds, you would have to put up about a million dollars.  Do you think that the owner of that Mickey D’s is going to expect a return their first year? Second year?  It is going to take at least 5 years to break even on their investment and they are going to have to put in tens of thousands of dollars a month to operate their business.

It is no different online.  You not only are going to have to put up the money to get started (Capital). You are also going to need a monthly budget for your marketing.

We get paid to do two things.  Talk to people and Market.

If you don’t learn how to get really good at both of those things, this is not the right business for you.  You cannot hide behind your computer and expect checks to just roll in, it isn’t going to happen.

When you first get started, you are going t0 have to create momentum.  That means doing whatever it takes on the front end for months and even years to learn the new skill set, overcome challenges and learn the skills necessary to become a Master Marketer worthy of generating 6 and 7 figure income.

People who are telling themselves they “Don’t have the money” are lying to themselves.

First, if you have a computer and you are online, you must have some money coming in as just having access to the internet in most cases costs money every month.  If you are able to feed yourself several meals a day, you have money.  If you are living under a roof, you have money.

The problem is, people are unwilling to change some of their bad habits and lifestyle to learn new skills, invest in their future and do what it takes to become successful.

What really gets me is people who are consistently laid off, due to downsizing and yet keep going back for a job.  That is like banging your head against the wall over and over.  At what point are they going to realize that we are living in a new world where there is no such thing as company loyalty.  You are a slave to the company you work for, period.  They own you.  Don’t believe me? Try not showing up for a few days and see what happens.  When you don’t have control of your income and someone else does, your owned.

With that said, why wouldn’t you want to take some risk, step out on faith and try something new?  Turnkey Internet business offers leverage.  Leverage is what affords you time and time my friend is what people are really after.  Money is just the tool to purchase more time.

There is no reward without taking risk.  People tend to want to live in this comfortable little bubble that they have placed themselves in.  Anything outside of that bubble is unfamiliar.  Unfamiliar things are scary to people and when most encounter them, its outside of their own comfort zone, most revert back to their cozy little “broke” place.

Ok, I think you get the point.

Today is the day you need to step outside your box, take a serious look at what is available to you and take action. Successful people are very quick to make decisions and hardly ever change their minds.

Unsuccessful people, however, are very slow to make their minds up and extremely quick to change them.

So I have to ask….

Which one are you?  Which one would you like to be?

Well, its up to you.  You can change it all today, step out on a limb, into a new world.  Make a difference not only in your life, but the lives of others.

I can tell you that there are many ways to make money online and I am not saying that the turn key business model I have used is “The Best”.  What I can tell you is that it is the only one that has rolled across my desk over the past 3 years of my online venturing and it’s the only one I have used to generate multiple thousands of dollars each month.

Make Something Good Happen,

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3 Responses to Turnkey Internet Businesses | The Undisputed Facts About Making Money Online.

  1. Andy Pitt says:

    Great article Josh and so true. We all need to step outside of our comfort zone or we will remain stuck in our ruts


  2. I \’VE FALLEN FOR EVERY THING UNDER NYHE SUN, you seem to have a different approach to all this web make money ect. I’M ON DISSABILITY AND BELUEVE ME IT’S HARD TO BREAKEVEN WITH MY DISSABILITIES AND NOW MY WIFE HAS ARTERIAL SCLAROSES WITH NO INSURANCE FOR HER IT’S REALLY BEEN A STRUGGLE . So what will it take to get up and running and to continue to grow .I’M WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES IF I CAN GET THE CAPITOL TO GET GOING. you sound like the 1st honest person with a real sence of wanting to help the underdog or a person who desperatly needs a change for the better .honestly what do I need to do and how much to do it I’ve got the burning desire to do what ever it takes BOTTOM LINE I guess how much.Sincerly PaulAnderson

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