How The Home Based Business Industry Has Haunted Me.

If you would have asked me 10 years ago where I would be 10 years from then, I would have told you, “running a 5 star resort somewhere cool”.

The truth is, I am so far from that former goal, its unbelievable.

I was introduced to the home business industry 12 years ago, however did not realize the potential of it until about two years ago.  Let me explain.

So back in 2004 I was turned on to a very well known health and wellness company and business. I got started, stayed steady and make a few bucks here and there, but nothing earth shattering.

I finally began to understand what leverage was all about.  I also realized that I was working with a played out, old school business model that was not really working for me.  I turned to the internet looking for a better way to build my current MLM business and behold, I found not only a great system, but a whole other business model.

I realized that I was stuck.  The successful people I was learning from had built their business all offline using traditional networking tactics.  I knew there had to be a better way of getting in front of people and that the internet would dish up the answer.

Once I had my first taste of victory online, I was hooked.  I then saw the big  picture.

You see, once you understand how leverage works and how big money is made, outside of working your ass off for a company, you are forever haunted by it.

You can not longer settle for what a company wants to pay you for your service to them.  You become what I like to call, “unemployable”.

Your whole mindset shifts and you realize that by working for someone else, you are just a slave to their dreams, not yours.  You no longer have a desire to earn a paycheck from anyone but yourself.

The challenge for most people is they have no clue how to even get started with their own business, let alone leaving the comfort of their “steady” paycheck.

I have to tell you that if you want to EVER live the good life, you are going to have to step outside of your comfort zone and perhaps do things differently.  You are going to have to learn some new skill sets.

Once you get a taste of what you are actually able to accomplish on your own, you will have a huge shift in your life and realize  just what you are capable of doing with your life.  It will  be the most liberating moment of your life, but you have to fight for it.

I could never go  back to the hotel industry.  Just the thought of it makes me work even harder to create my own lifestyle.

Who are you working for?  Who’s dream are you building?

Josh Boxer

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