Is There A Difference Between Internet Marketing, Network Marketing and MLM?

I have been thinking for a while about the difference between what I used to do in MLM and the way I conduct business today and I have come to the conclusion that, Yep… There is a huge difference  in both MLM and Internet Marketing.  This is only my opinion here and not necessarily fact so seek to understand before being understood.

Prior to marketing online, I spent 4-1/2 years networking by building lists, calling those people, showing the plan, attending hotel meetings, etc.  I was trying to build an organization through networking through other peoples networks.  While this sounds like a great concept, it was fricking brutal!

Yes some people are successful in doing this, but most spend years buying into the dream that eventually they will find a few people who will build the business.  You spend most of your time trying to keep up with replacing the reps that just quit.

Today, my life is so much different.  In the past 26 months, I have not put anyone in business that I have not built a relationship with online.  Yes, that is right. I have not talked with any friends, family or anyone within my local area about business in over two years and I have gotten well over ten times the results and a hundred times the income than all of the previous 4-1/2 years combined.

Network marketing is exactly what it sounds like. You are building your business with other peoples networks.

What I love about Internet marketing is that I don’t have to deal with going through names and numbers , doing list builders with people to tap into their networks and all the crazy crap I had to deal with using “OLD SCHOOL” MLM Tactics.  And yes, I am not a fan of building business that way anymore.

Why is this?

It all comes down to leverage, branding, positioning and automation.

Let’s talk about these four principles for a moment because I think they are highly relative and important.


Leverage allows you to work smarter, not harder.  When it’s just you out there, walking the malls, stores, and your local home dept trying to make a connection with someone to hopefully get into their network of people, you don’t have too much leverage until you are able to duplicate on a mass scale what you are doing.

Now let’s take the internet.  I can put out 100 direct response ads on the internet and have people coming to me rather then me chasing them.  Way different right?  I am ultra-targeting my prospects and only the ones that resonate with my ad respond to it.  This is called leveraging your efforts.  Every ad that I have out there is like having my own army of people doing the heavy lifting, sifting and sorting for me.  It’s awesome. This also allows you to brand youself.


When you think of brands you probably think of Nike, Reebok, NFL or the NBA right?  Well believe it or not when you venture into the online marketing world, you are a brand.

You see in MLM, you still have a brand, but I can’t see it getting very big because your reach is so small.  You can only impact so many people with your message with out the use of mass technology.

When I first got started marketing online, I didn’t have a lot of money to do direct response advertising so I wrote a lot of articles, did a ton of videos (over 500), did hundreds of blog posts, etc.  While this created some traffic, leads and sales, what I later realized is that I was creating my brand.

Today I have tens of thousands of pages on the internet with my content which is seen by millions of people across the globe. Branding is important because when people come across your business page, they are going to want to know who you “really” are.  They will start searching for you in Google and the question is…… What do they find? You had better build your brand or someone else will.  Along with branding, positioning is also super important.


Positioning has to do with the way people view you in the market.  Do they see you as an authority? Do they see you as a wannabe, spammer?  How you present yourself in the marketplace has everything to do with how successful you will become and whether you will be a leader or a follower.

Positioning has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself.  Do you feel as if you are worthy to be the leader you deserve to be?

Automation is something that you can’t have building an MLM offline.  Automation allows your business to work for you while you sleep, while your away on vacation or playing with the kids.

Today, Autoresponders, websites and online shopping carts and internet advertising create automation.  It allows the business owner to concentrate on the things that actually produce revenue.

So in closing, Internet marketers are not the same as network marketers or MLM’ers. It’s a totally different ballgame with new rules.

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