David Bach, Author of “The Automatic Millionaire®” and “Finish Rich®” Partners with Pro U

A Revolutionary Partnership To Help Put The Power Back In The Peoples Hands.


David Bach, renowned author, speaker and finance guru recently partners with Carbon Copy Pro’s Pro U to create a revolutionary product line to propel peoples personal finances.

The product line focuses primarily on education as that is what is missing in people’s lives.  New money requires a new way of thinking and doing things.  If what you have been doing up until this point in your life isn’t cutting it, why would you continue doing it?  That is called insanity.

Slowly but surely countries that once backed us are backing out.  As the value of our dollar drops, you better make sure that you are diversifying your portfolio with such things as precious metals and the Euro.

I don’t know about you, but I am going to listen and follow the path of people that have what I want in life and that is Freedom and security.

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