Why Learning How To Surf And Learning How To Market Online Are Very Similar.

Learning how to surf and learning to market are very much alike…..

Learning How To Surf

I remember the day I got my first surf board. I was 9 years old and lived on the north shore of Maui in a little town called Haiku. We lived about 20 minutes from one of the top surfing spots in the world, Hookipa beach.

Some friends up the road had an older brother about 15 and he actually sold my parents his long board for me. He would take me and my friends to Hookipa at least twice a week. My first time ever paddling out into surf, the waves were about 7-10 feet. At the time, those waves seemed like tsunami’s to me. There were no lessons given to me and it was trial by fire.

I got pounded, nearly drowned a few times but always managed to make it through the day. Week in and week out I would paddle out, get pounded by incoming surf and mostly caught the white wash in.

Learning how to surf became an obsession

At the age of 11, we moved from Haiku to a beachfront house in Maalaea Bay which was on the south shore of Maui. While Hookipa’s waves were the biggest in the Winter, Maalaea boasted some of the fastest waves in the world in the summertime. Freight trains was a 15 minute paddle from my house or I walked along the highway down into the harbor and paddled out off the breakwall.Learning how to surf

“The picture to the left is the actual wall I had walked out on hundreds of times to jump into the surf.” This was were I took what I learned at Hookipa and honed my surfing skills in.

By the age of 15, I was surfing 15-20 ft. waves in Maalaea and the south shore of Maui.

It didn’t happen overnight.

It didn’t happen in a month or even in a year. It took like 5 years to learn how to catch a barrel, do an off the lip and ride one of “Freight train’s” waves for a full 60 seconds.

I have scars all over my body from getting slammed into coral, slipping on rocks and getting bit by Morey Eels. It comes with the territory. Learning to surf is just like learning how to market online. It takes time and effort.

Like anything else, when you make a decision to do something in life, you can either “Go For It” or you can “Lollygag” your way through it.

They will both produce a result.

When I make a decision to do something, I go ALL OUT!

How about you?

Do you go all out or half-ass?

With surfing, it’s really an investment of your time in the water and how many waves you catch that determines how good of a surfer you will become.

In the Internet or online marketing world, it is not only going to require an investment of your time, it’s also going to require an investment of your money.

You need to invest in seminars, e-courses, tools and education to really learn how to create a full time living at it. Pro surfers invest time and effort, Pro marketers do the same and there are no two ways around it.

Anything that your ever going to be good at will take you time and effort. Those who put the most in, get the most out.

Peace and Love,

Josh Boxer

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