Is Someone Holding Your Money Hostage?

So I am on a call with David Bach a few weeks ago and he was talking about a few websites in which you can go and track down money or property that is owed to you by the government, corporation or company.  He also gave out a website to research unclaimed savings bonds.

As soon as the call was over, I went to all the websites and did a search.  Low and behold, there was my name.  It didn’t say who was holding the funds either.  I went through the online directions and proved I was the rightful owner.  Two weeks later I get this in the mail today……………

Found Money

Found Money

I know, it was just over a hundred bucks, but you know what?  It took me 45 minutes on a call to get the information and then about 2 minutes to fill out the info on the website for $112 bucks.  Little over $100 an hour.  Not too shabby.

So now, I start looking on the websites for all of my family, their family, etc.  I think I went through the whole family tree and guess what?  I don’t have the picture yet however I found some unclaimed stocks from my father in-laws former employer.

Take a few moments of your time and visit these sites”

Ok, so there you have it. Now get busy and go find yourself some money you didn’t even know you had.

At the top,

Josh Boxer

PS. To gain access to this caliber of information and more, head on over to Internet Wealth Pros.

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