How I am going to make 2014 a Kick Ass year and how you can too.

Most out of life in 2014So we are at the end of the first month in the new year and while most people made New Years resolves before new year, mine have come to me just over the past few weeks.  Let me explain……

While I made a pretty penny in 2013, partied like a rockstar, created memories with my family, there was one thing missing at the end of the year.


Where did it all go?

Well, lets just say that the Boxer family had a good time, did some cool stuff and lived a little bit outside of their means.

Just over the past three weeks, I’ve made some adjustments to my spending habits and have made it a goal to be more frugal with my money.

It’s not because I can’t spend it, cause I’m good at that, it’s because I am turning my eyes away from worthless things, surrounding myself with people who are where I want to be and making mega deposits into the areas in my life that mean and matter most.

I’ve tried living my way for as long as I can remember and it has not always been the best way.  I’ve been reading a lot on King Solomon in the book of Kings and Psalms and have learned a lot about how to live right.

It has become quite clear that god has a plan for me and you on how we should appropriate our resources.

It has been quite liberating actually.

You have to have a game plan.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  I’ve often heard this and have always had a hard time putting a gameplan together and sticking with it.

Let’s face it, life hits you.

When you have a few thousand saved, something comes along where those funds are needed and wipes it out.

Things are always going to come up.

I have made it a point to start to save more, invest more and make more.

The key is multiple streams of income.

If you know how much money your going to make in 2014, most likely your broke.

I have no clue how much I’m going to make this year, other then it will be well over 150K as that’s what I pulled in this year.

Having more then one income ensures that if one income stream dries up and I lose it, it has another income stream that has its back.

Here are just two of my income streams:

Income Stream #1 <–

Income Stream #2 <–

and there is a third I can’t share with you 😉

So with those streams and having toned back my appetite for partying 4 days a week and socking away money in different areas (Gold, Silver, Stocks, Mutual Funds, etc.), this is going to be a fantastic year.

My question to you is…….

What’s your plan?

Feel free to tell me in the comments section.

-Josh Boxer

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