How I am re-inventing myself in 2013

Well, it is now 2013 and while it has been a while since my last post, I don’t apologize for the absence.

You see, sometimes you have to step away and take inventory of your life now and where you want it to be.   My life towards the end of last year was kind of in shambles.  I had no money in the bank, had bills piling up and I knew that I had to make a change.

The greatest thing about life is that we get a “Do-over” every single day.  I knew that everything I needed to succeed both spiritually, mentally and financially, I already had access to.  I just had to make the decision to DO IT!

You may be asking, “Do what?”

The answer is, do everything you know you should be doing on a daily basis and a little more. The little more every day adds up over the days, weeks and months and becomes “A Lot More”.

I started working on me.  Breaking out my library of self development books and engulfing myself in them again.  I expanded my knowledge of me and the universe.

You see, what most people don’t realize is that everything they have in their life, they have attracted to them by their thoughts.  What you think about most of the time ALWAYS manifests itself in your life.  Bad thoughts=bad experiences, Good thoughts=great experiences.  So the real secret is….



Sounds simple right?

It is something that you and I have to work on daily.

We have been programmed all our lives to think the way we do.  I don’t know about you, but I have had some stinkin’ thinking going on in my head for a good portion of my life.  I have always known about the law of attraction, however, I was missing a few key ingredients to the formula of attracting what I want in my life.  The missing ingredient was to pay attention at all times to how I am feeling.

I am no longer a victim of my circumstances, but the victor.

I can turn around any circumstance in my life through my thoughts and becoming very clear about EXACTLY what I want.

Since I have been doing this, amazing things have happened.

My bank account filled back up.  I have re-engaged with people who I respect and honor in my life.

I have more joy and happiness and awesome relationships with my wife, children and friends around me.

Want freedom, happiness and joy?

Follow some of the above tidbits and make it happen.

– Josh

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Father, Husband and open to all beliefs and religions. I love marketing, copywriting and helping others. My ultimate goal is to build a home in Makena Maui and spend at least 6 months of the year there.
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2 Responses to How I am re-inventing myself in 2013

  1. Sandeepkumar Dubey says:

     Truly Inspiring post..full of energy ..we can see a positive energy flowing ..shall we expect to hear something great happening from the business point of view.

  2. sandeep dubey says:


    I can see you back with full of energy. This is what actually inspires me to stay positive about everything and this actually help me think creatively..I have just began writing and would love to share with you my first creation .Planning very big for this

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