Transitioning into a Cryptocurrency world

Crypto currency and BitcoinA lot has been happening over the past 6 months with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies in the market.  I had heard about Crypto Currency at the end of 2016 and wish I had jumped on back then.

Well, about 2-12 months ago, I decided to take the plunge and invest what I could afford to lose in 4 different Crypto’s.

What I didn’t realize is the learning curve on how to buy, sell and withdraw Crypto Currency on all the different exchanges.

I started with Bitcoin (BTC) and then bought Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (Lite).  Next I bought Ripple (XRP).  I got the Bitcoin at $4K, The Ethereum at $300, The Litecoin at $60 and my Ripple at $.20.  Dollar for dollar, I’ve made the most on Ripple as its up past $3.00 now.

I then was talking with my friend Aaron Rashkin about Crypto and he suggested I invest my Bitcoin in USI-Tech .  

After learning more about USI-Tech, I decided to invest in what they were doing.  Basically I took my bitcoin and invested it by buying packets that pay me daily dividends in Bitcoin.  When I have enough bitcoin to purchase more packets I re-invest.

I’ve also referred some friends to USI-Tech and have made 10% in Bitcoin on their investments.  It’s a pretty cool system and I’ve done quite well with it.

USI-Tech created a technology that uses Hydrogen to produce electricity.  They are going to be selling this technology on the open market, which is another reason to invest in USI-Tech.  Mining for Crypto Currency is expensive.  These warehouses that are full of mining machines suck up electricity like crazy and are very expensive to run.

USI-Tech’s technology will drastically reduce the amount of energy needed to mine and make mining more profitable to the miners and investors.

I have my eye on other Crypto’s like Cordano, Stellar and Dragonchain.

This is a new era of technology and will forever change the way information and money is used around the world.   In any case, these waves don’t hit mainstream very often and now is the time to educate yourself and start investing.

I always say, don’t invest more than your willing to lose.  Happy hunting.

Joshua K Boxer


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2 Responses to Transitioning into a Cryptocurrency world

  1. Bitcoin says:

    Can you give me some tips about Bitcoin?

  2. admin says:

    What tips are you looking for? If you don’t own some, buy some. Gdax is a good place to start. Some other coins I like are XRP, KIN and DRGN

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