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Let’s start from the beginning. Jay grew up and worked on a farm in Canada and was brought up with very little materially.  His family had a strong faith base and worked hard for everything they had.

From Canada, with little more than an eighth grade education, Jay made his way to Kansas and ended up managing a Midas muffler store.  After years of selling mufflers, Jay ventured in to the Direct Sales industry, unsatisfied with his measly income and building someone elses empire instead of his own.

Jay Kubassek then went onto revolutionizing home-based entrepreneurialism with the 2004 launch of his Internet-based education company Carbon Copy Pro and the PRO family of companies.

The odds were definitely stacked against Jay, however, he proved that success in business and financial freedom can be had by anyone wanting it bad enough and who has the tenacity to go after it like their life depended on it.

Today, Pro U’s education system and Carbon Copy Pro’s marketing platform are available in 40 different languages and has users in over 200 countries around the world.  Did you even know there were 200 countries?

For Jay, being an entrepreneur means living life on your terms, not someone elses.  He believes that you can do what you want, when you want with whomever you want, where ever you want.  He believes that the money you make is in direct proportion to the value that you provide the world around you.  His sole mission is to “WAKE PEOPLE UP” to the choices they have in life and that they can live the life of their dreams.

In addition to Jay Kubassek’s work with Carbon Copy Pro, he is a professional speaker, trainer, international real estate investor, extreme sports enthusiast, film producer, philanthropist and author.    He has produced three films including a documentary with Spike Lee.

Jay Kubassek spends his time split between working in Manhatten where he shares an office space with Author and Speaker David Bach and his home in New Jersey where he lives with his wife Jamie, son Milo and daughter Miki.

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