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It was once said that your
“net worth” is determined by your
“network”. If you don’t have a large
network of friends, family, and associates you can create them very
quickly online by using the correct social media strategies,
outsourcing and occasionally software. There has never been a better
time and there may never be a better time to begin creating an online

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Networking person to person has
always been and always will be the most effective and efficient way to
market. People just prefer talking to people and NOTHING
is as strong as a referral. That doesn’t mean I’m
saying to go out there and pitch everyone within 3 feet of you; that
would be a huge waste of time. What I do is quite the contrary.

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Never pitch your friends, but
instead provide them with value. You can do this by sending them to
your “Central Hub” where they can learn more about
what you do and what benefits your information, product, or service
provide. It is important to remember that your hub is not a sales
website, but is there to provide value to the visitor. Leave me a
comment on this blog and let me know what I could do to better serve

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Much like your friends you do
not want to pitch your family. You should instead send them to your
central hub where you will generate interest. This ensures that if the
time ever comes when they or someone they know has a need for your
product or service, they will call on you. With 1.7 billion people
using the Internet there is no longer a need to rely on your immediate
circle of influence to generate business or leads.

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are great for stirring up business, but nobody likes the kind of person
who walks into a room and jumps on a table and screams about what they
can offer; and then goes onto list all the features and benefits of
their product. That’s boring and tactless. My advice is to
create interest and as always give value; just make sure qualified
prospects have your card and have a reason to visit your web space.

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Social Media is nearly out of
control and can go viral fast. Website’s like Facebook almost
get as much traffic as Google; YouTube is in the top five, and who even
saw Twitter coming? The name of the Internet game is targeted traffic;
and when Social media websites began to dominate the top ten most
visited websites ( in the world, marketers everywhere
started paying attention. You can build targeted friend or follower
lists which when used correctly can essentially be almost as powerful
as an opt-in email list. As with any Social Media, it is important to
remain active and connected; if you are truly trying to build your
business on a budget, in this day and age when you can get a Blackberry
Curve for $50 bucks, there is very little excuses not to.



The number one mistake I see over and over is newbie marketers using
social mediums as an advertising tool, NOT
a social networking tool; and yes, there is a big difference. People
hate commercials (why do you think TEVO became so popular?) and they
hate to be sold, but they do like to buy. This is precisely why the
“Central Hub Principal” exists; to break the ice
and gain trust before sending them to your capture page or website.

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This website is on fire. As of
the writing of this report, Google is trying to acquire Twitter for
$2.7 billion; that’s billion with a B. That is considerably
more than what Google paid when it acquired YouTube last year for $1.65
billion. Twitter
is a micro blog that has become extremely popular due to its
limitations and simplicity; they just nailed the right formula. If you
haven’t already claimed your name (or close to it) I suggest
doing that right now. If you had to limit your social media to one
website, Twitter is probably my #1 suggestion because of its rapid
growth, ease, and its synergistic relationship with so many different
web platforms. As @TeamArete would say, “it like social media
on steroids!”

Some Twitter

1. Stand Out – Build familiarity

This is easy do, just do the
opposite of what almost every other amateur marketer is doing and
follow these rules.

– “Don’t
take, give first.” Add value to your followers’

– Set up a foundation by creating a killer bio and page design; connect
your Twitter to other platforms. Be consistent in your look, feel and

– Be real. Talk about normal things. Talk like a person and not on a
superficial level.

– Ask questions and interact.

2. Have a System.

– Go to the top 5 gurus in your
industry, open up their followers list, then follow everyone in their
first 5 pages

– “Wash, Rinse, and Repeat daily.”

3. Don’t take, give
first. Build trust and relationships (business comes second)

-”Focus on improving
people’s lives first and giving them value rather than

4. Have an offer.

5. Multidimensional Connections.

-Integrate your Twitter account
with Facebook, Blog, UstreamTV (Central Hub).

**Best times to follow people:
1:30-3pm PST 7pm-11pm, weekends

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Professionals scoffed at
MySpace and flocked to FaceBook for its more grown-up look and feel. As
one of the top five most visited websites in the world; FaceBook is a
great place to put up a compelling profile and build a targeted list.
It’s also a great way to begin building your own personal and
business brand.

was built for networking and has several great marketing tools
available to help you build your business. Before you can use these
tools, however, you will need to have a personal Facebook Profile setup.

way to bring a lot of attention to yourself and distinguish yourself as
a leader is to start a “FaceBook Group” in regards
to your business or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. It is
very important that, as with ANY
social media, you give value first.

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Online video is one of the best venues to engage an audience – don’t even think about excluding it! This new medium allows the video creator to communicate a message on multiple levels – via visual imagery, the spoken word, music, or visual text. It may sound like a commercial for a Montessori school – but this is the way people learn, and consequently, the way legendary brands are created. As a case in point, think of traditional Internet marketing; when was the last time that a paid search listing or banner ad raised your blood pressure or induced you to forward something to a friend? Get the point? Video Marketing has quickly become the preferred method for Internet marketers on a budget and when properly uploaded, can obtain premium placement on search engines. Like everything else, there is no “free lunch” – the video-sharing sites don’t charge to host your content, but getting your target audience to watch and forward your video is no easy feat. Some facts and Tips Google’s purchase of YouTube changed search engines forever. YouTube is now the 3rd most visited site in the world! ( 02/09) That means you can put almost any video content up on the web and with the proper keyword placement in your title and description you can directly reach your target market on a massive, massive level. The first step is to create a video, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on a professional video or make a ham out of yourself to get traffic. There are other ways, such as: creating a video from a PowerPoint presentation or from a slide show or even a computer screen shot. Next, and most importantly, you will want to write the title, five-letter keyword, and a description. This is what the search engines will pick up; and I suggest putting yourself in the mind of your customer and use a keyword research tool such as to help guide you. If you want results you will have to properly upload your video and keywords to more than just YouTube. You’ll have to upload it to at least 20 additional video hosting services, and believe it or not there is a fairly easy way to do it. There are 2 programs that I have personally used to automate this process and get results within hours. This is a tough one to share with everyone, but we are committed to giving you the very best content we can so here goes.  The best site is called Traffic Geyser for approx $50 – $97 per month because it is web based, and it is therefore faster and easier to use; but the choice is yours. You can also use a free service that will download your videos to some of the major video sites at once and even tracks where you are getting the most views; which will sometimes surprise you. But if you want all the traffic bells and whistles (why wouldn’t you) and a surefire way to be right at the top of a natural search fast, then be prepared to pay the big bucks like the pros do. Now you can take this advice and apply it to things like real estate listings, services you provide, raising funds for charity, or even income automation. Who is Watching Videos? (According to YouTube) · 71% Employed, 15% are students · Median Income $75,000 · Almost 50% are married · 70% are college educated That is a GREAT audience! Back to chart



LinkedIn is a professional niche social networking site. On LinkedIn, you can connect with professional colleagues, meet new people, find recommended services and find new contacts in your current network. Currently, you can reach more than 11 million professionals on this service, including all of the Fortune 500 companies. It is important to remember that LinkedIn is a good tool to reach specific people. It is not so good at mass market broadcasting. If you want to reach ten million people, then this may not be your best avenue. If, however, you want to reach a specific person who may be interested in your service, then LinkedIn can definitely be a very useful tool. Even looking at LinkedIn from a very high-level point of view, there is much you can achieve with the service. You can see who your friends know in order to take advantage of your existing network. You can also find out “who you need to know” to reach your goals. For example, if you sell paper products, you can find out who is in charge of purchasing these supplies at the company you want to do business with. Aside from these basic uses, there are other uses for LinkedIn. For example, by using LinkedIn effectively you can: · Increase the visibility of your business and brand · Pursue direct sales · Generate traffic and support your SEO efforts Back to chart



Forum marketing is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to establish yourself as an online authority, but it is essential that your “Central Hub” reflect that. If you can make connections online, people are much more inclined to like and trust you. All you have to do to be effective is participate and add value to conversations in which you have an interest. You can start a new thread or just respond to one that is currently active. As always, when participating in forums make sure you give valuable content or insight. Do not pitch your product or service in forum discussions; however, you should include a link to your hub or appropriate landing page in your signature line. Remember, the more valuable the insight or content you provide to people, the more inclined they will be to work with you! Be pleasant and use common sense:) Back to chart


Squidoo lens

Squidoo is a “Content-Sharing Site” designed by marketing mastermind Seth Goden. It gives a marketer a one page website or “lens” where he or she can share content about any topic they desire. Search engines often spider Squidoo, and are constantly checking Squidoo lenses to show in search engine results. Squidoo is great, because it’s simple to setup, edit, and can be an excellent source of quality traffic, which you of course send to your landing page. · You can link as many lenses as you wish to your main “About Me” Lens · Each lens should be on a specific topic · “How To” Lenses are fantastic and a great way to position yourself as a leader · Use the “Polaroid” module to add larger photos to your module that look professional and have a caption Like forum marketing you can leave comments on other lens masters’ pages with a link back to you own page. Back to chart


Central Hub

The central hub is where you show creativity and build trust with your prospects. Most of the time people just want to know a real person stands behind something; not some cold, faceless corporation or automated voice. A central hub can be one of two things or both; a blog or a TV channel. That’s right, a TV channel. The central hub is also a place where you can filter prospects before they even know they are a prospect. The way to do it is simple: you offer something in exchange for a name and email address. If the prospect takes you up on the offer then you know they have some level of interest, and now you can begin to build a relationship and eventually market to them. You can also send people from your central hub to your website or market only quality affiliate offers to them. What is a blog? A blog is a like a website, but you can add your own content whenever you wish. Blogs can be about your personal life, business life, or a combination of both. Need help creating a blog, call me at 678-654-9859. There are many different blogging “platforms” such as wordpress and blogger. WordPress is the most effective platform for driving traffic. In addition, it has the most flexibility, is always being updated, and offers wordpress users great support, tutorials and more. The content (words) posted on your blog is referred to as a “blog post.” Your blog posts can show up in search engine results from Google; when specific keywords in your post match the search criteria imputed by a user. For example, if you made a blog post about “The difference between direct sales and MLM,” when someone goes to Google and types in “Direct Sales,” your blog post can show up in Google’s results. The minute you start creating your own how-to post, you can get a flood of traffic your way if you use The key is to make sure you’re submitting it to the right site. A digg article may be different than a reddit article, or StumbleUpon site. If it looks at all like you’re trying to beat the system; people smell that a mile away, and they don’t like it. They see you’re just trying to get value for yourself. You really want to be offering something of value to your reader.

Benefits of Blogging

1. Easy to publish – You only need to know how to type 2. Easy to find – Your audience can easily find your content 3. Social – great way to build a presence in the online community 4. Viral- Your blog posts can be virally distributed 5. Easy Linking- Blogs are easy to link to and from  Back to chart


Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a simple, effective, and low-cost way to bring very high quality visitors to your website. You can establish yourself as an authority in the industry, and build trust with your audience through articles. Think about it. If you advertise in the local paper, the day after the contract for your ad expires you are done; unless you keep renewing (and paying) your exposure in this media is gone forever. When you advertise on the Internet with an article, however, it NEVER dies. It almost makes a person believe in the saying “print is dead”; at least in the traditional sense anyway. Once you’ve written an article there are many places online to distribute your content. You can optimize your articles for specific keywords so that they appear in the search engines results when prospects search for your keyword. STEP ONE: Have an article written You don’t have to be an expert writer to have an effective article campaign; actually we recommend you have your article written by a professional, instead of doing it yourself. It will most likely be a lot better and faster. You can do a search on the Internet for “professional copywriters” or “articles”. Or consider these: If you are on a shoestring budget and cannot afford to have these written for you then our best advice is to go to and pick up “The Copywriter’s Handbook” by Robert Bly, “The Ultimate Sales Letter” by Dan Kennedy, and “Hypnotic Writing” by Joe Vitale. These three books will put you ahead of 80% of the competition. Here are some quick tips: Create a summary about your article. A Summary should be between 300 and 500 words long. Have your viewers learn and benefit from your content. Have a call to action at the bottom with your site link. STEP TWO: Submit your Article Once you have written an article, you will want to submit it to article submission sites. An article submission site is one that will post your article to many places at once for you. Once you have submitted your article to an article submission website, other websites will pick up your information and pass it around as well. Of course it would be best for you to submit your article to as many different article submission sites as possible for maximum exposure. Here is a list of websites which accept article submissions. This task is a little time consuming, but well worth it! Articlesyndicator.comLocal-list.usCommonconnections.comArticle99.comArticlebankonline.comArticlecafe.netArticleclick.comArticlecrash.comArticle-directory-central.comArticlegeek.comArticle-junction.comArticlenorth.comArticle

You Can Use This Tool, The Best Article Submitter on the Planet and submit to all of these plus hundreds more with the click of a  button. AutomaticArticle Submitter Back to chart


Press Releases

Press Releases are an excellent way to position yourself or your company as a leader in the industry, and add instant credibility to your business. A press release is similar to a news story, except you can submit your own “news story” to many sites on the Internet through press release distribution sites. You can also optimize your press releases for specific keywords so when someone goes to Google and types in the keyword, your press release will show up in the search engine results. As a result, prospects will have the opportunity to read your press release and click through to your website. Press Releases can bring very high quality prospects to your site, because most people reading your press release already know what they want. They are simply in “research and decision” mode, which makes them a highly qualified prospect. When writing a press release, remember to answer these 5 questions: 1. What specific event are you announcing? 2. When did this event happen? 3. Who did this event involve? 4. Why would other people be interested in reading about this event? 5. Where can people find out more information? Use 2-3 personal quotes in your press release (as if someone was interviewing you about this event. These quotes should articulate what you think or feel about this event. Check your release for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Be sure you have the correct domain name at the end of your release in your “call to action.” is our favorite website for press releases. Be aware that this website does charge for it services. Here is a list of websites you can use to submit your press releases for free (you could also do a Google search for “free press release submission websites”): Back to chart


Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is a great method for driving consistent traffic, and when properly positioned these can be a goldmine by themselves. On the downside if you are not properly trained and using proven banners then they can easily become a money pit. Research can be done on and in most cases you should NEVER advertise on a site with a ranking above 200,000. Here are two ways to approach banner advertising. Let someone else do it or negotiate with website owners For the lazy there is For banners on blogs use Want to go global? Use Now would be a good time to give you a quick review of the jargon you will encounter when negotiating. Impression Each time your banner ad loads on a website, a reputable vendor should be able to provide you with a satisfactory verification that you get what you pay for. Tip: ask if they include multiple hits from the same IP address [as clicks you pay for as they might be fraudulent] (?) Click Each time someone clicks on your actual banner, this is counted as a “click.” Tip: ask if they include multiple clicks from the same IP address as clicks you pay for as they might be fraudulent. Conversions When someone fills out the form on your website or capture page, this is considered a “conversion” (or lead). CPM – Cost Per Thousand This is a method of measuring how much you will pay for a banner ad. Often times you are charged “on a CPM basic” which means you are charged for every thousand impressions. Newbie’s should stay away from CPM bidding. CPA – Cost Per Action This is a method of measuring how much you will pay for a banner ad, based on the actions taken. This means you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad (as opposed to impressions). CTR – Click Through Rate This is the ratio of impressions to clicks. For example, if there are 100 impressions (or page views) on a website and 1 person clicks on the banner ad, that would be a CTR of 1% Cost Per Conversion How much it costs you to get one lead. If you spend $30 and you received 8 leads, than your cost per conversion is $3.75. Cost Per Action – If your specified action is a “click,” and you spent $30 to get 100 clicks, than your cost per action, or cost per click, would be $0.33. WATCH OUT! Banner graphics should be designed differently depending on what websites they are going to be posted on. As a rule, they should either blend in with the site very well (same colors and fonts) or stick out like a sore thumb. There’s no money in the middle. Back to chart


Google PayPer Click

Google Adwords or “pay-per-click” (PPC) is a marketing service. Pay-per-click means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can find examples of these sponsored links on the right hand side, and sometimes in the shaded area on the top of a Google search. PPC is the fastest way to get traffic and it responds to changes in your campaign immediately. If you can develop and master this skill it can almost print money in any industry. If you want to make money with Google Adwords, Perry Marshall’s book, “The Definite Guide To Google Adwords”, is essential. Back to chart


Ezine Advertising

Ezines are electronic magazines, or more appropriately, online newsletters about specific topics, with a targeted group of subscribers. Ezines range in topics from muscle cars to online marketing. Owners of ezines offer advertisers the opportunity to “rent” their subscriber list for a specific advertisement (I do not rent or share my list). Ezine marketing allows you to “piggy back” off the credibility of the Ezine owner. An E-Zine is information sent by email usually to a targeted group of literally thousands of subscribers who have “opted in” (made a decision to join the E-Zine list). People join E-Zine lists because the owner of the E-Zine generally has some knowledge about a particular topic that the subscriber might be interested in learning more about. Ezine ads can be just as targeted as pay-per-click advertising, if not more because ezine subscribers have already REQUESTED information about a specific topic; so they’ve established their interest in learning more. How do you find them? Do a Google search for ezines related to your industry. For example: “Internet marketing ezine, “real estate buyer tips,” or whatever industry you are in, search for “(your industry)_ ezine.” Also do the same search replacing the word “ezines” with “newsletters.” More then likely you will come across Charlie’s Page which is a recommended resource. Ezine ads are fairly inexpensive and negotiable. Many E-Zine owners are challenged to continually come up with quality content so that readers are motivated to keep reading their E-Zine. Therefore, E-Zine owners are sometimes very willing to give content providers free exposure in exchange for content (an article). They also are sometimes willing to do joint ventures with you when you share the profits. If possible, the E-Zine owner should put in a good word for you giving you instant credibility. Getting an endorsement from the owner of an E-Zine can dramatically boost your response rate, as the E-Zine owner should have credibility with their readers. ALWAYS test your ad one time first, BEFORE securing any long-term placement with an ezine owner. Once you find an ezine that gives you great results, you can schedule many solo ads or top ads ahead of time (I recommend staying away from bottom ads). It’s a great way to plan your advertising for 2-3 months at a time. Back to chart


Direct Mail

Most upline sponsors or marketing companies will become cheerleaders about direct mail and tell you how great it is; but instead I’d like to address the pitfalls and expose what most people ARE NOT doing to maximize their mail program. First off, Direct Mail is a tricky beast and it is NOT for the weak at heart or the marketer on a budget; however, when you have dialed in a good program it’s pretty darn profitable and hands off to boot. Some rules of thumb when dropping direct mail: Before getting started you must understand the law of large numbers which basically states in order to hit the statistical average, you have to have enough numbers to base it on and that could be in the tens of thousands. Don’t think you’re going to set the world on fire by dropping 3000 pieces; you need to be considering 10,000 as a minimum if you really want to test your market. You do not want your mail piece to look like the Las Vegas Strip, you want to have a clear message and a clear call to action. False claims will likely land you in hot water with the FTC. There is no such thing as a federally regulated “do not mail” list. The best graphics in the world will not save your campaign if you start with bad data. Make sure you ask your provider how the data was obtained; if it is exclusive, how fresh is it, and what criteria it is based on. Know the difference between renting a list and buying a list. Some data providers such as Equifax will require your mail piece to go through their compliance department. This can be counterproductive because they are operating on a totally different agenda then you are. You are worried about ROI and they are worried about legal disclaimers. We are all for being compliant, but if your prospect cannot see your message then marketing to them is senseless. Another common place marketers drop the ball is when the prospect actually does respond. Most direct mail pieces provide a phone number as the call to action, which is fine, but if it rings more than 3 times that is bad; and it’s even worse if it goes to a machine. Sure you can go back and track the call, but a lead is best when it’s inbound. Another thing most marketers do not include is a free gift. If appropriate for your business, advertise a free report and send it to your capture page and online sales system. Let that sort and qualify prospects for you in addition to the inbound calls you will pick up more response. Back to chart


Capture Pages 1st Filter

Marketers needed a way to “capture” prospects in an environment of ever-growing competition. Capture pages are built with one thing in mind; to capture the information of the visitor and sell them to the next step. Think about it. You have just spent weeks setting up your Google PPC campaigns and finally got your numbers where you want them at $3.00 a click. If you aren’t sending them to a capture page first then you are missing out on conversions big time. You see even if your product or service is exactly what they are looking for, but for whatever reason the timing just isn’t right and that visitor navigates away from your website; the chances of them finding and buying from you are slim. You just wasted $3.00. Now let’s look at the same scenario with a capture page. Your prospect lands on the capture page and sees your offer. You must have an offer! You must give them something in return for their name and email address like a special report outlining the pitfalls of said purchase. The person obviously doesn’t want to make a mistake in the buying process so your report is something of value to them, and they will gladly exchange their information for it. In most cases the marketer will not even allow access to their website unless the prospect first completes the opt in form. Once they enter their information you deliver the promised goods via automated email or on the next webpage. Let us read between the lines here, this is what you have effectively done. You have qualified your visitor into a sales lead; in fact, they have actually qualified themselves by showing interest enough to give you their contact information. Now if your visitor is interrupted and they navigate away from your page you can market to them through content rich, helpful emails, NOT SPAM! Countless sales studies show that a prospect needs to see an offer several times before a buying decision is made; and through your well written email auto-responder campaign you can build a relationship and stay in front of your audience for the long term. This ensures that when the time does come to make a purchase, the visitor already knows, likes, and trusts you. So who do you think they are going to buy from? You might be saying this is crazy; you’re turning away potential customers! I along with other entrepreneurs value our time and believe all customers are NOT created equal, and if your product or service is something of true value then this will weed out the ones who either really aren’t looking for what you have, or do not posses the means to actually purchase it. We call them “tire kickers”; but money is made when products or services are sold, not merely browsed, so you want only those prospects who is capable of acting. Back to chart



This has to be one of our favorite tools we use to leverage the Internet as it is extremely versatile. Yet it amazes us how so few people actually utilize it in their business. An auto-responder is not something you set up in your Yahoo or Gmail; it’s a professional service which allows you to build an opt-in list. You can build as many different lists as you would like and what it allows you to do is send personally detailed predetermined messages at predetermined times People who voluntarily “opt-into” your list have shown some interest in what you offer, and you can even do it verbally over the phone; even without a website. Before we go any further it is important to break sales and marketing down into 3 steps. 1) Build a customer base or opt-in list 2) Build a relationship with your customer base 3) Market and sell to your Customer base. A good auto-responder campaign can do all of those things for you. It will automatically deliver information to new subscribers which come onto your list. It will also build trust through well timed content rich emails and direct subscribers back to your online sales system or newsletter. A newsletter can be a hosted webpage or an email; preferably a good-looking HTML design. The idea is to blend useful content along with direct selling. Although most providers of this service will keep you from spamming people with their rules and regulations, the ultimate responsibility comes down to you as the sender and owner of the account; so know the spam laws. You can do some preliminary research at: In General, you can obtain a professional auto-responder for about $20 per month. If you are not sure how an auto-responder will play into your business then ask me by leaving a comment. Back to chart


Website and Sales System

Your website design and user functionality matter, BIG TIME! Internet users have more options now than ever, so if your website takes a long time to load or has flashing banner advertisements all over it you are going to lose visitors fast. They came there for a reason so give them what they want and give them a reason to come back. A good sales website has compelling copy that can effectively do most of the selling for you. It will give the visitor a clear picture of what you do and a clear action step on each page of what they do. If you’ve done everything correctly then in most cases, especially when a product is below a certain price point ($300), you can almost have an income automation on your hands. Or you can send your prospects to your 3rd filter. Back to chart


3rd Filter

If you have truly done a good job in with your 1st filter (capture page), and your sales website explained your product or service then you either have a buyer or a very hot prospect that just has a couple of questions before they make a purchase from you. In this third filter you could have buy options, contact details, sales forms, surveys, applications; the list goes on. The idea is to limit the amount of selling you have to do or only speak with prospects that are ready to buy. Back to chart


Affiliate Sales

Whew, we are sure glad you clicked on this link. The truth is that a large number of your prospects are never going to buy what you are directly selling them. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it’s just the facts, but there is an opportunity there and it’s called affiliate sales. Professionals monetize their lists by selling related products and services, but don’t get the wrong idea; I am certainly not suggesting an all out campaign where you bombard your list with every offer you can throw at them. You’ll lose their trust and sabotage everything you have done right! You have to make sure what you are offering is something of great value that resonates with what you are teaching; this can be information, software, education, services, and/or products. The key here is: does it help your subscribers get what they want. Back to chart



If you have done your job, which is to create value for others and benefit the masses, then you will be rewarded greatly. Did you ever consider that the amount of money you make is a direct measure of your worth to society? Want more? “Increase your personal value to the world.” Well it’s true, and if you want to increase your income, you’ve got to increase your value to others. It all comes down to “social dynamics.” You see, people like to work with, learn from, and buy from proven leaders who can offer them real value. It’s an instinct deeply ingrained in our genetic code; because associating ourselves with people of means and power increases our chances for survival and prosperity. In essence, when you increase your value to others, you never have to “sell” anything. People approach you. You become a prosperity magnet, and achieving the kind of financial prosperity you want becomes so easy, it’s a “non-issue”. On the other hand, if you don’t have any real value to offer someone, they’ll take their business elsewhere. So the most important thing you could ever do, no matter what your occupation, is to increase your value to others by increasing your knowledge, experience, and skill sets. Sorry, there are no short cuts on this road. Think about it… If you are “just” getting by or “just” going to work and you are not providing something of true value then there’s no pride or ownership involved. You don’t own any specialized knowledge, and you have no real value to offer the world. If you don’t possess the personal confidence or leadership skills required to attract new business partners and customers to you; you will fight and beg for every last dime. And finally, if you don’t possess a list of prospects you won’t have a personal relationship with any prospects; which means you don’t have a business at all. Your business and your income are 100% dependent upon other people, so give them what they want. Do you really think you’re going to upgrade your life and lifestyle without bringing true value to others? If so, do you think it’s going to last for more than a few months? …Only a fool would think so.


Yes Josh, I want to diversify my income and learn a new skill set to create abundant wealth and prosperity online.











We Hate Spam as much as you do and will never sell or share your information with anyone.




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