Josh Boxer’s Story

Josh Boxer Browns Bridge Church

I spent most of my younger years moving around. From NY to California to North Carolina to Maui, Hawaii and back to New York then to Georgia where I now reside.

I’ve traveled the world. Been to India, Japan, Germany, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, US. Virgin Islands, Hawaiian Islands and some places I don’t even know where they were.

I originally put up this blog for Internet business.  It has changed over the years and now I want it to be a place where I share my thoughts, life lessons and perspectives on how I have viewed things in the world.  I love adventure and traveling.  Surfing, bodysurfing and jumping off cliffs are some of my favorite things to do.

I live in Cumming Georgia with my wife Pamela, My daughters Hannah and Kaylee and our Boxer named Molly (Named after my Great Aunt Molly.)  I’ll be 45 next year in 2017, work with an IT Sourcing consultancy firm and have a really great life here in North Georgia.

This is a work in progress, never quite done, never quite started.  If you find something you like here, please share it with someone who can get something out of it


 Josh Boxer

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